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Effective and efficient lighting improves the value of your facility.

It’s easy to overlook, but proper commercial lighting clearly impacts productivity and employee engagement, safety issues, sustainability metrics, and operating costs. Since lack of lighting maintenance can cut intended lighting levels by 50% over time, cost-efficient care for your electrical and lighting improves return on your capital investments, reduces risks and costs, and improves your built environment. Talk to ABM about risk mitigation, operating cost reduction, ENERGY STAR benchmarking, LEED certification, and more. We’re also CALCTP certified and able to submit all mandatory Title 24 commissioning reports.

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Service Specific Benefits

The benefits of a well-lit facility are yours with the right electrical and lighting partner.

Proactive Lighting Maintenance

Find the answers and options that best benefit you by taking advantage of our product neutral expertise and deep experience with lighting designs for every kind of facility.

Lighting Upgrades

A team that can design, plan, and execute lighting upgrade projects delivers energy and operational savings on time and on budget. Our energy experts can also help you find ways lighting retrofits pay for themselves. If you’re unsure what benefits a commercial lighting upgrade could bring to your business, contact ABM for an assessment. We can help you plan for improvements that deliver on engagement, sustainability, energy spend, safety, and compliance.

Energy Saving Retrofits

Factoring in the near-constant improvements in LED technology, lighting controls, and other electrical assets, there are a lot of solutions out there. To find an energy retrofit that best fits your business strategy, including LED retrofits and lighting projects that pay for themselves with energy savings, talk to the expert commercial lighting team at ABM.

Electrical Troubleshooting

Avoid the risk of system failures and the cost of emergency repairs by calling in our team at the first sign of trouble. Our certified technicians are trained to safely diagnose lighting maintenance issues before they become expensive incidents.

Advanced Lighting Controls

Whether the idea on the table is smart buildings, internet of things (IoT), or building automation, our technicians can design, update, and maintain advanced commercial lighting controls that improve your facility, provide you actionable data, and control energy spend.

Exit/Emergency Lighting Systems

Ensure your interior and exterior exit paths are compliant and safe for employees, visitors, and customers with emergency exit lighting and the backup power systems you need.

Group Relamping

Leverage operational cost reductions empowered by our on-site management expertise and flexible, well-trained lighting maintenance teams.

Lighting Design and Certification

Turn on the value of lighting design from a team that completely executes new installations and lighting retrofits from top to bottom. We can design and implement commercial lighting systems that achieve sustainability goals for your facility.

LED and Electrical Sign Repairs

Keep your brand bright and on-message with LED lighting maintenance and electrical sign repair to match your own commitment to quality.

Thermal Imaging

A picture may be worth a thousand words, but a thermal image could be worth millions of dollars if it helps you avoid catastrophic costs, injuries, and facility downtime. Our teams can help you with NFPA 70B compliance and document due diligence for your insurance and in-house risk mitigation needs.

Ultrasonic Pole Inspections

Don’t rely on visual inspections to warn you of equipment failure. Ultrasonic inspections help you accurately and safely identify hard-to-spot issues before they rack up disastrous costs.

Utility Rebates, Programs, and Retrofits

If your project needs that extra push, we can help you improve the payback of your commercial lighting solution by advising you on utility rebates and other available programs.

National Accounts

The localized service and centralized support of our National Accounts program help you scale up profitability. A single point of contact oversees your entire portfolio of services, improving communication, reporting, and accountability.


You can manage work orders, reporting, and inspections with our customizable web-based client portal. Our National Accounts program provides real-time visibility into your performance tracking, labor, invoicing, and cost savings. Our 24/7 call center facilitates your service and maintenance with one point of contact, one invoice, and one contract.


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