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ABM Operations

Corporate social responsibility is at the heart of ABM every day, whether we’re streamlining efficiencies for clients, keeping a keen eye on how our operations impact our shared environment and reducing our carbon footprint, creating new jobs, or giving back to the communities in which we serve.

In fiscal 2017, ABM shredded and recycled 101.712 short (US) ton(s) (203,423.99 pounds) of paper, resulting in the environmental benefits shown here.

We use strategically located distributors providing an efficient, locally-based way for our employees to order and receive the products used in our daily service delivery to clients.

Sustainability in Corporate Operations

Information Technology

To support of our technology-enabled workforce, ABM uses the Performance Acceleration Suite (PAS), a series of software accelerators focused on streamlining and automating service delivery and improving touch-point interactions throughout the entire customer lifecycle. PAS, which includes our MPower® platform, enables employees to access and manage customer accounts from any mobile device.


We’ve launched enhancements to a number of our other software platforms, including our mobile app, ERP and CRM systems, resource management systems, and analytical reporting tools. Our use of technology has positioned us as more agile and efficient than ever before.


Many of our offices are enabled with updated video conferencing technology. Additionally, we built a new demarcation point in our datacenter. This new room is insulated and has monitors to keep the energy level low.

Responsible Marketing

Our business-to-business marketing practices continue to be compliant with the ICC International Code of Advertising where applicable, as it relates to advertising and marketing communication in its entirety. This includes:


  • Responsible messaging (i.e., legal, decent, honest and truthful) defined for the appropriate targeted audiences
  • Sourced technical data and statistics that are substantiated and include our brand name, value proposition, and contact information
  • An established review process by corporate marketing, legal, internal subject-matter-experts, and executive management for ensuring we represent ourselves appropriately and with goodwill
  • Application for and ongoing maintenance and documentation of company trademarks that are properly applied for and managed by our corporate marketing and legal departments through the US Patent & Trademark Office
  • Copyrighting of all marketing communications on the company website, which includes industry expert articles/white papers and sustainability processes
  • The truthful depiction of safety and health practices in images (e.g., of ABM employees in action) used for marketing communications
  • Adhering to our data privacy protection policy, which discloses data collection methods (i.e., data collected automatically, “cookie,” volunteered information) and is posted on our web site.
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